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Intellectual Salons

Inspired by the 18th Century Salons during the Enlightenment in France, we aim to re-emerge the salon culture around the world, we believe that the art of in-person discussion, whether scholarly, scientific or creative, is not yet lost.

Le Beau Monde’s thought-provoking salons provide a platform for our members to engage in enlightening discussions and share diverse perspectives on subjects such as art, literature, music, science, and philanthropy. These sophisticated forums foster intellectual growth and refinement of personal tastes through meaningful dialogue and the stimulating interplay of ideas.

Members will hear something they’ve never heard before, pick up a new skill, and go away wanting to find out more.

Lifestyle Salons

Like the Intellectual salons, Le Beau Monde’s Lifestyle Salons allow our members to come together to grow their knowledge and enrich their lives through active learning, open conversations and practical advice on a myriad of topics pertaining to how we spend our personal time.


Each month we will have a different topic introduced and moderated by one or more of our trusted network of experts.


We value and encourage open and meaningful conversations, and that is why our formats promote dialogue and exchange, rather than the traditional speaker led format.

Dynamic Salons

Le Beau Monde® dynamic salons are integrated with the lead topic of one of the primary salons, intellectual and lifestyle.


These can have different formats, and yet they all require action, such as in a workshop, an interactive masterclass or by supporting a charity through our physical involvement and assistance.

business Salons

Like our Intellectual and Lifestyle Salons, we encourage and applaud open conversations; the sharing of experiences and advice, as well as personal recommendations and suggestions.


This is a unique space in which you can strengthen strategies and skills, receive actionable advice and tools, and increase your contact network, as well as be made accountable for taking action.


The groups include business women from different industries and roles, and span high-achieving business owners and business shapers from all walks of life.