Examples of Past Salons

No time to blink - the recovery of stolen art

Julian Radcliffe OBE QvRM, the Founder and Chair of the art Loss Register, led a discussion on the lessons learned from establishing a company to set standards for the art trade, assist the Police, and reduce art crime. Beyond the social glamour, philanthropy, and art, he highlighted a sector in need of reform. The success of the Art Trade had led to its expansion into watches and classic cars. Julian, a serial entrepreneur, also founded the first political risk insurance broker, now addressing claims from the war in Ukraine, and Control Risks, the security consultancy renowned for advising on kidnap negotiations for Lloyd’s of London.

Investing with purpose, passion and impact

Members attended an enlightening salon featuring Forbes-featured entrepreneur and investor Rupa Popat, focusing on the gender gap in financial education and its impact on women's participation in angel investing. Did you know only 14% of angel investors in the UK are women, and that 70% of women are more likely to be asked about their weight than their investments? Rupa shared her journey of investing in early-stage businesses and highlighted how angel investing can be about so much more than just the returns. We delved into discussions on how she got started, why she believes women make better investors than men, and how she drives purpose and impact through her investment portfolio. It was a compelling and inspiring session that underscored the importance of empowering women in the financial sector and the broader implications of their involvement.

Managing reputation in the digital era: strategies, ethics, and future trends

Members attended an exclusive salon with Julian Pike, Partner from Farrer & Co., an esteemed expert in Reputation Management & Defamation. Julian delved into the nuances of reputation management in today's digital landscape, where instant communication and social media omnipresence make shaping public perception and handling crises a complex endeavour. The salon featured insightful discussions led by Julian on navigating public perception, exploring case studies, and best practices for crisis management. We studied and discussed three real-life situations, examining the ethical responsibilities inherent in reputation management. From addressing immediate concerns to understanding long-term implications, guests engaged in thought-provoking dialogue and enjoyed networking opportunities with esteemed professionals. It was a highly informative and enriching experience.

How to fit health into a busy lifestyle - the small changes that can really make a difference

As summer approached, our members had the opportunity to engage with esteemed fitness professional James Golden for a session focused on optimising physical well-being. James imparted key insights into enhancing energy levels, understanding the role of individual DNA in our fitness journeys, and adopting daily rituals that can be transformative. This valuable discussion provided members with actionable steps to look and feel our best for the upcoming summer season.

Find Love: Navigating modern dating, cultivating healthy connections, and long-term relationship satisfaction

Members engaged in an insightful salon led by renowned relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunson, embarking on a journey through the intricacies of modern dating and the pursuit of lasting love. During this dynamic discussion, we navigated the ever-evolving landscape of modern dating platforms like Tinder, exploring the challenges and opportunities they present for finding meaningful connections in today's digital age. Moving beyond the initial spark of attraction, we delved into the essential elements of building healthy relationships. Together, we explored the pillars of communication, trust, and compatibility, uncovering actionable strategies for cultivating thriving partnerships in our own lives. It was an enlightening experience that provided valuable insights into fostering lasting love and meaningful connections.

Crafted Legacies: A tribute to Heritage, Heirlooms & Craftsmanship with Graff and Gallello

Members revelled in an extraordinary salon exploring the intricacies of heritage craftsmanship in couturier tailoring and fine jewellery. Gallello Atelier and Graff graciously shared their family's techniques, passed down through generations, in creating one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces. These distinguished families are dedicated to celebrating their time-honoured traditions and promoting the exceptional work of artisans. It was a captivating morning that highlighted the enduring beauty and artistry of their exquisite crafts.

How to rewire your brain using visualisation & Mental Fitness

Members recently had the privilege of joining Maya Raichoora, a pioneering entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and CEO of Remap, as she led a salon on the revolutionary shift in mental fitness. Maya guided us through the transformative power of visualisation, demonstrating how it can enhance cognitive, emotional, and performance capabilities across all domains of life. It was an inspiring session that showcased innovative techniques to elevate mental well-being and unlock our full potential.

The Facets of Success: The art of Building a Personal Brand with tiffany&co

Utilising expert insights, real-world case studies, and practical tips, we equipped attendees with the tools necessary to identify, refine, and broadcast their unique brand identity. Tailored for both professionals and entrepreneurs, this experience provided a comprehensive framework for making a lasting impression in today's digital landscape. Members left with a better understanding that a personal brand is not just a tagline, but a lifelong professional legacy.

are the recent advances in Dementia diagnosis and treatment groundbreaking or just hype?

In this salon, members participated in a thoughtful exploration led by Dr Reddy, focusing on a topic at the intersection of medical innovation, societal impact, and compassionate care. The salon featured an engaging dialogue that delved into the pressing question: "Are the recent advances in Dementia diagnosis and treatment groundbreaking or just hype?" Dr Reddy guided the discussion, providing valuable insights and fostering a deeper understanding of the latest developments in the field. It was a compelling session that encouraged members to critically examine the potential and limitations of recent medical advancements in Dementia care.

Style, Fashion & Identity: Own Your authentic Self

Members participated in a captivating salon with Angela Kyte – Model, Luxury Stylist, Image Consultant, Psychotherapist, and Coach. The discussion centred on the interplay between looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. Angela provided invaluable insights on staying true to your style, fashion, and identity amidst societal pressures to conform. She shared expert tips on dressing to suit your personality, choosing colours that complement you, and ways to stand out and be heard. It was a thought-provoking session that empowered members to embrace their unique style and confidently navigate the complexities of modern fashion and identity.

Examples of Past Experiences

CHaNEL Haute Couture - Paris salons and Coco apartment

In this exclusive experience, members gained privileged access to Coco Chanel's Haute Couture salon and personal apartment, offering a rare glimpse into the life and legacy of this fashion pioneer. The journey was further enriched with the indulgent delights of Le Meurice afternoon Tea by Dorchester Collection. Members left with a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and Parisian luxury that define La Maison Chanel.

Beyond Bespoke in collaboration with Bicester village

In this exclusive event, members enjoyed a unique conversation with EdEenne, a rising star in Parisian High Jewellery, organised by Le Beau Monde® in collaboration with Bicester village. Offering a preview of her upcoming groundbreaking show at the Museum of Legion of Honour, Edeenne delved into her artistic process of turning personal stories into exquisite jewellery. MEMBERS left with unparalleled insights into the world of customised Parisian luxury.

Igniting Minds. Celebrating 125 Years of Bosch in the UK

In collaboration with Cromwell Place, Le Beau Monde® extended an exclusive invitation to members for a unique family event celebrating Bosch UK's 125th anniversary. This specially curated gathering offered an interactive and educational journey through Bosch's rich history in the UK and Ireland. Through engaging activities designed for both children and adults, attendees gained a newfound appreciation for the brand's enduring impact on society. The event was met with enthusiasm from parents and children alike, further enriching our community's shared values.