Thank you for your interest in joining Le Beau Monde®.


Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into our esteemed community.

Each application undergoes meticulous verification and vetting processes by our dedicated committee to ensure alignment with our values and ethos.


At Le Beau Monde®, we take pride in curating a membership base of individuals who contribute uniquely to our collective tapestry. Applicants are evaluated based on the merit of their individuality and the enriching perspectives they bring to our community.


Upon acceptance, members are expected to adhere to our club rules, which are designed to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of Le Beau Monde®. Before gaining access to the privileges of membership, all applicants must acknowledge and sign these rules.


We appreciate your understanding of our selective membership process and the careful consideration undertaken by our committee.

We look forward to potentially welcoming you into the Le Beau Monde® private circle.