Guest pass terms & conditions

  1. Each member is entitled to one guest per salon visit using the Le Beau Monde® Guest Pass.

  2. Acceptance of the guest is subject to space availability. Members are encouraged to request guests at their earliest convenience.

  3. Members are entrusted to invite guests who align with the values and purpose of Le Beau Monde®, as well as the overall club community.

  4. Confidentiality and Privacy: Members must remind their guests about the utmost importance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy within the club. This includes refraining from disclosing the names of members. Photography with members is strictly prohibited without their explicit permission, and posting such content on social media requires prior approval.

  5. Solicitation: Any form of solicitation during club gatherings is strictly forbidden.

  6. The Le Beau Monde® Guest Pass is valid for Salons attendance only.

  7. The same individual cannot be invited more than once using the guest pass benefit.


By utilising the Le Beau Monde® Guest Pass, members agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. 

Failure to comply may result in the revocation of guest pass privileges. Thank you for your cooperation.